Friday, June 12, 2015

Sewing Fun!

Sometimes in life, you just have to do it! This is also evident in sewing. I have been working on a simple peice for my show and for some reason it would not come out right. Thankfully, I was using Muslin so I wasn't actually wasting any fabric. Yet it was very frustrating, and just like writers block, sewing block can be very destructive to the creative process. 

So I woke up one morning and decided today will be the day. I said my affirmations and thought about the process before getting out of bed (I'm a thinker) so I knew exactly what I was going to do. I used my show fabric, so I told myself there was no room for error and I sat in my room and did it. 

By the end of the day I was a little tired but I had a finished piece and by God it felt great. Especially after I have had a few fails lately. 

In the word of my dear friend Dori "Just keep swimming...." 

(Sorry no pics... Check it out during my show on July 26) 

Until next time 

Kris B 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Where have you been?

 Hey Guys!

First things first... I would like to say Happy Memorial Day to the men and women who have lost their lives defending our freedom. Many of us will be cooking out  but please take a moment to pray for the families who won't be able to share this day with their loved one.

I realized that after the competition I put blogging on hold. Not because I meant to; I guess I was busy redirecting my focus. Being in the competition really pushed me and  reassured me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Since then, I was blessed with the opportunity to put my passion into overdrive.

I have been in the beginning stages of my clothing line for some time. I started with "Jada Olivia" but it didn't pan out how I wanted so I created "Branton Girls". Those who know me, knows that anything I post that include me and my girls I include the hashtag #BrantonGirls. It is our brand and represents us. The phrase is even on my daughters wall as a constant reminder of who they represent.


The Branton Girls line is a mommy and me line. I love playing dress up and we tend to always dress a like. While I love to dress my girls a like I do keep in mind that they are two totally different  individuals with vast personalities and I honor that. The clothes will be age appropriate and range from toddlers to grown women. Developing this line will also be a legacy I can leave my girls. They too have designing rights and even thought they are not sewing at the moment; I do see classes in the near future. You never know; one day they may be dressing Blue Ivy or North West's daughters or even better Sasha and Malia Obama's kids ;)

So that's where all my time and hard work. Doing research, ensuring the look I want will be accomplished, all while being  a wife, mom and full time career driven woman.  

With that being said, I was contacted by Go Pro Kids about being a designer in their launch party and fashion show. I got the notice while I was at work and when I tell you I almost fainted. LOL! I was so honored they chose me. So when I say someone is always watching. THEY ARE!!


Go Pro Kids is South Florida based magazine that showcases the many talented kids we have in our beautiful city. The creator like myself had a dream and went for it. Watching it span out motivates me like no other. My daughter also had the pleasure of being showcased in their first edition and I can't wait to see the write up. I want to thank them for giving me my shot! I am so excited and can't wait for July 26. When I tell you its going to be an amazing event... Don't believe me just watch!!!  Ticket information will be below. 

Until next time... Follow me on Instagram at @sewmekrisb or the line at @BrantonGirls. In few weeks you will meet our Branton Girls who will be walking in our show


Monday, April 6, 2015

RAE: Round Two (Saying Good-Bye)

So I did not make it to Round 3 of Pretty Girls Sew: Rippin' Ain't Easy online sewing competition.  The night of submission, things weren't working in my favor.  I felt like my shirt did not fit how I wanted it to, the photos weren't coming right and I was overall stressing. Thank God for my supportive husband, who was right there telling me everything was beautiful even though I did not believe so.  The day of voting was just like round one; a  lot of support that I was grateful for and it kind of eased my apprehension.

Once again I did not sleep that Friday night (I think its a Friday night thing not waiting on votes thing) and right after I fell asleep; I got notice I did not make it. I said a prayer and thanked God for just giving me the opportunity to even make it to Round One and set forth with new goals.

Thanks to all my amazing friends and family who shared the post voted for me and cheered me on and good luck to the beautiful ladies who are still competing. A few of you, asked when I am going to make you something... stay tuned something is brewing.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rippin Ain't Easy

Rippin' Ain't Easy

A few months ago I spoke about how I entered my first fashion show being held in Austin, TX and was waiting to see if I got in. Well..... I did!!! Woohoo!!!!! LOL!  But in all my excitement the powers that be didn't allow for it to take place. Instead I was given the opportunity to participate in Rippin' Ain't Easy, a online sewing competition. 

Rippin' Ain't Easy is a online sewing competition put together by the amazing ladies of Pretty Girls Sew. You are given a pattern and have about two weeks to make it your own. You submit your looks and people vote for you on their site. I am truly honored to be selected amongst nine talented woman. I am a even more excited to push myself to the limit. 


Well, I completed my first round.  When I tell you one week later I am still screaming. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am very proud of my self. I am not your average seamstress. I dont sew for a living and my fashion line has yet to be made. I sew as a stress releiver from my hectic job and even though I did take a class I often get nervous while sewing. 


We were given McCalls Pattern M6953 and had to modify it. I knew I wanted to add a zipper but I also wanted it to be me, cute and sexy. So I decided to crop out the back also.  I purchased my fabric from Mood Fabric and when it came in it was not what I expected. I didn't understand that the fabric was panels and not whole piece. (Reading is Fundamental) So when it was time to finally cut out the pattern, I had to make sure it was to my liking.I kind of channeled Amal Cooney's wedding weekend dress. I honestly put my heart, soul, and first born into this dress and was soooo excited to see the final product. 

The day before my dress was due, my girlfriend and I went to the area nature reserve to photograph my dress.  The timing was amazing and every shot came out beautifully. It was a fun evening in the sun. 

After submitting my dress (pressing the send button was like a huge weight off my shoulder) it was time to vote. That morning I could not focus. I shared on Facebook, on Instagram and  even had my family, friends and even my mom texting everyone they knew. My family from Dominica was even voting for me. Yup, I'm international! I was so overwhelmed by the love I received. It brought years to my eyes.  I support everyone never expecting the receive the same amount of support I was given that day. I couldn't believe the love I felt.  The night of results I didn't sleep. I even had a dream I saw a giant tarantula in my bathroom (long story) and next morning when they made the announcement I couldn't believe it. I MADE IT (que Drake song) 


I am in the middle of working on my second piece and I push myself everyday. I can't wait to show you. Just know its going to be my favorite color, LOL 

Like always I will keep you updated. 

Until next time. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just a little Tease

Since I started sewing I found that the clothes I made didn't fit my body the way I wanted it to. I am a thin girl and after having two kids via cesarean I found I have a small pouch. To make matters worse I hate working out. I feel like I never have the time and even though I have a gym membership, getting up on a Saturday morning doesn't seem like my ideal plan. So when my good friend Taryn aka Coco told me that she teaches you a fun sexy dance through her company Tease, LLC. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

Disclaimer: I by no means find my self to be sexy. I'm pretty, cute, beautiful and everything in between but that sexy goddess thing really isn't me. 

I arrived at the class and the set up was amazing. She had fruit, whipped cream, and most important yummy drinks (Shhh...I had a few pink panties.) Not to mention, the room was  dim and the ambiance from the black light made it ultra sexy. 

After a drink or two, you start to feel a little comfortable so it's time to start class. Coco ensures it's a judge free zone.   From young girls to grown woman, I felt very comfortable with the woman who I in some cases I jut met five minutes ago. The diversity in women who attended also brought down my nervousness.

I attended the class the day before Valentine's Day and I wanted to learn a little something to show the hubby. We learned a dance to Beyonce's "Speecheless" 

Overall I had an amazing time. I was so glad I came and he absolutely loved my little dance. 

This is my sultry goddess friend CoCo 

TeasetheABCs LLC. is an Adult Burlesque Dance Class encouraging and creating confidence and sensuality in women. This class is for the working woman, the student, the full time mom, the women who manage to do all three and the women who have lost their sensuality, confidence and sexuality by doing so much. TeasetheABCs also offers sexy and fun fitness classes, private lessons, group sessions, bridal & birthday parties. I promise with Tease LLC. you'll always feel sexy. 

Please feel free to contact her at and (754) 777-0855. Tell her Kris sent you 

Until next time :-)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ankara Miami Fashion Week 2015

Yesterday I had the pleasure of supporting my very good friend as she ripped the run way for Ankara Miami Fashion Week 2015. 

This years activities started on Thursday with a designer meet and great, followed my an emerging designer show on Friday. Saturday's show showcased the talents of Wamuiru Couture, Allusions by A.Lekay, Fabian & Mom, JZO and many more. Today (Sunday February 22, 2015) is a pop up shop hosted by Alessandra Gold. You can see more of the designers work on my Instagram page (@sewmekrisb)


While I could not attend every event. I did make it to the main event on Saturday. The fashion was amazing, the DJ kept the party going and the models were so hot they could have melted the runway. As I stated earlier, I came to support my friend so here are some of her fashions from last night show. Wamuiru Couture (@wamuirucouture) makes tailored and custom clothing. The designer gives you the option of choosing from custom pre-made pieces or have something designed specially for you. Contact her for your designer needs. 

I must say, as an up and coming designer, attending these shows gives me so much inspiration. I left the show ready to conquer the fashion world. Maybe not today lol but one day!!!! 

Until next time.....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I guess I just made up this word. It also maybe a little late to be talking about sewalutions but hey it's never to late get something started. With that being said, please don't put off until tomorrow LOL

My sewalutions are always the same; I want sew one thing a week. I want to blog on this and that on a weekly basis or I want to  finally get  my clutch line started, But the year ends and I don't have 52 pieces of clothing, I only manage to blog quarterly and lets just say I don't have to many clutches laying around my room. Then I feel like a failure.


The first part of this year I was on target. I made an outfit, a dress, I was on target for my show pieces and BAM!!!!! I got hit with sewing block. I didn't like my fabric I didn't like my patterns and  I didn't have any inspirations. Then the show got cancelled.  Just nothing was working out for me. Now it feels as though I got my sewjo back (I think I like making new words :)) I am working on my very first pattern review. I finally started my Instagram page (@sewmekrisb) and by reading this you can see I am blogging a little more. 

Please follow my IG page @sewmekrisb. The page focuses on my day to day sewing adventures. We will soon be having a giveaway which I am very excited about. 

See you next time

Kris B

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