Monday, May 25, 2015

Where have you been?

 Hey Guys!

First things first... I would like to say Happy Memorial Day to the men and women who have lost their lives defending our freedom. Many of us will be cooking out  but please take a moment to pray for the families who won't be able to share this day with their loved one.

I realized that after the competition I put blogging on hold. Not because I meant to; I guess I was busy redirecting my focus. Being in the competition really pushed me and  reassured me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Since then, I was blessed with the opportunity to put my passion into overdrive.

I have been in the beginning stages of my clothing line for some time. I started with "Jada Olivia" but it didn't pan out how I wanted so I created "Branton Girls". Those who know me, knows that anything I post that include me and my girls I include the hashtag #BrantonGirls. It is our brand and represents us. The phrase is even on my daughters wall as a constant reminder of who they represent.


The Branton Girls line is a mommy and me line. I love playing dress up and we tend to always dress a like. While I love to dress my girls a like I do keep in mind that they are two totally different  individuals with vast personalities and I honor that. The clothes will be age appropriate and range from toddlers to grown women. Developing this line will also be a legacy I can leave my girls. They too have designing rights and even thought they are not sewing at the moment; I do see classes in the near future. You never know; one day they may be dressing Blue Ivy or North West's daughters or even better Sasha and Malia Obama's kids ;)

So that's where all my time and hard work. Doing research, ensuring the look I want will be accomplished, all while being  a wife, mom and full time career driven woman.  

With that being said, I was contacted by Go Pro Kids about being a designer in their launch party and fashion show. I got the notice while I was at work and when I tell you I almost fainted. LOL! I was so honored they chose me. So when I say someone is always watching. THEY ARE!!


Go Pro Kids is South Florida based magazine that showcases the many talented kids we have in our beautiful city. The creator like myself had a dream and went for it. Watching it span out motivates me like no other. My daughter also had the pleasure of being showcased in their first edition and I can't wait to see the write up. I want to thank them for giving me my shot! I am so excited and can't wait for July 26. When I tell you its going to be an amazing event... Don't believe me just watch!!!  Ticket information will be below. 

Until next time... Follow me on Instagram at @sewmekrisb or the line at @BrantonGirls. In few weeks you will meet our Branton Girls who will be walking in our show


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