Monday, April 6, 2015

RAE: Round Two (Saying Good-Bye)

So I did not make it to Round 3 of Pretty Girls Sew: Rippin' Ain't Easy online sewing competition.  The night of submission, things weren't working in my favor.  I felt like my shirt did not fit how I wanted it to, the photos weren't coming right and I was overall stressing. Thank God for my supportive husband, who was right there telling me everything was beautiful even though I did not believe so.  The day of voting was just like round one; a  lot of support that I was grateful for and it kind of eased my apprehension.

Once again I did not sleep that Friday night (I think its a Friday night thing not waiting on votes thing) and right after I fell asleep; I got notice I did not make it. I said a prayer and thanked God for just giving me the opportunity to even make it to Round One and set forth with new goals.

Thanks to all my amazing friends and family who shared the post voted for me and cheered me on and good luck to the beautiful ladies who are still competing. A few of you, asked when I am going to make you something... stay tuned something is brewing.


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