Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ankara Miami Fashion Week 2015

Yesterday I had the pleasure of supporting my very good friend as she ripped the run way for Ankara Miami Fashion Week 2015. 

This years activities started on Thursday with a designer meet and great, followed my an emerging designer show on Friday. Saturday's show showcased the talents of Wamuiru Couture, Allusions by A.Lekay, Fabian & Mom, JZO and many more. Today (Sunday February 22, 2015) is a pop up shop hosted by Alessandra Gold. You can see more of the designers work on my Instagram page (@sewmekrisb)


While I could not attend every event. I did make it to the main event on Saturday. The fashion was amazing, the DJ kept the party going and the models were so hot they could have melted the runway. As I stated earlier, I came to support my friend so here are some of her fashions from last night show. Wamuiru Couture (@wamuirucouture) makes tailored and custom clothing. The designer gives you the option of choosing from custom pre-made pieces or have something designed specially for you. Contact her for your designer needs. 

I must say, as an up and coming designer, attending these shows gives me so much inspiration. I left the show ready to conquer the fashion world. Maybe not today lol but one day!!!! 

Until next time.....

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