Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just a little Tease

Since I started sewing I found that the clothes I made didn't fit my body the way I wanted it to. I am a thin girl and after having two kids via cesarean I found I have a small pouch. To make matters worse I hate working out. I feel like I never have the time and even though I have a gym membership, getting up on a Saturday morning doesn't seem like my ideal plan. So when my good friend Taryn aka Coco told me that she teaches you a fun sexy dance through her company Tease, LLC. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

Disclaimer: I by no means find my self to be sexy. I'm pretty, cute, beautiful and everything in between but that sexy goddess thing really isn't me. 

I arrived at the class and the set up was amazing. She had fruit, whipped cream, and most important yummy drinks (Shhh...I had a few pink panties.) Not to mention, the room was  dim and the ambiance from the black light made it ultra sexy. 

After a drink or two, you start to feel a little comfortable so it's time to start class. Coco ensures it's a judge free zone.   From young girls to grown woman, I felt very comfortable with the woman who I in some cases I jut met five minutes ago. The diversity in women who attended also brought down my nervousness.

I attended the class the day before Valentine's Day and I wanted to learn a little something to show the hubby. We learned a dance to Beyonce's "Speecheless" 

Overall I had an amazing time. I was so glad I came and he absolutely loved my little dance. 

This is my sultry goddess friend CoCo 

TeasetheABCs LLC. is an Adult Burlesque Dance Class encouraging and creating confidence and sensuality in women. This class is for the working woman, the student, the full time mom, the women who manage to do all three and the women who have lost their sensuality, confidence and sexuality by doing so much. TeasetheABCs also offers sexy and fun fitness classes, private lessons, group sessions, bridal & birthday parties. I promise with Tease LLC. you'll always feel sexy. 

Please feel free to contact her at and (754) 777-0855. Tell her Kris sent you 

Until next time :-)

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  1. Good blog. I never knew woman felt nervous before taking an exotic class. I hated your disclaimer (it's not true).


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