Friday, December 12, 2014


It In a few months I will be turning 30, and while I hear so many people dread it, I am actually looking forward to it. I feel like this is my time for all my dreams to come true. I got pregnant at 21, graduated college at 23, started my career at 24, got married at 26, had my second daughter at 27 and now at 29 I am more focused on finding self. I love my family and feel as though my 20s were just a dress rehearsal and now it's time to find my passion.


You already know I took a sewing class, and yes I do make my stuff when I have time. But everytime someone says... Girl make me one!?! I get freaked out!! Like really!?! I was playing. Yes, I took a class but I learned how to sew for me. I even thought I wanted a clothing line but got scared. 


I follow this amazing group of ladies called "Pretty Girls Sew" when I tell you they are doing their thing. They must be mini Beyonces because they must have additional hours in their day that I still can't find. 


In June of 2015 they are hosting their Sewcial and I thought it was a cute idea. A couple days in Austin with likeminded individuals. Then they announced "Seams and Sashay Fashion Show" and when I read the requirements, I automatically shot myself down. Then I thought about it. I am capable. I have to come up with four looks which I have already chosen. I sent in my inquiry email and I am waiting to hear back. 


I will keep everyone posted. 

Talk to you later 

Kris B

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